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SUPRA - 100 sentiments during one Georgian Evening

Georgian people are known for their strong and unconditional hospitality, and for Georgians the guest is literally sent from God. The Georgian hospitality is well reflected in the significant Georgian table-tradition.

Georgias splendid kitchen is charac-terized by sophistication and variation. You will easily find more than 20 different types of dishes at the table during a Georgian feast (supra), accompanied by wine in big quantities. Tamada is leading the table, proposing all the toasts through improvised speaches, songs and poetry, and everyone who wish may take the word following up tamada's toast. A real Georgian table is lasting for hours and hours. The Georgian horn (Kh'antsi) is often used to propose the most valuble toasts at the supra. The horn is filled to the end with wine and has to be emptied.