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INNOVATIONS FROM GEORGIA - Just Drive and get ID in few Minutes

Public Service Hall is the building where most of public services are presented. Its purpose is to issue documents and render services the exclusive right to which is owned by State. It is impossible to get such important and necessary documents as a birth certificate and identity card, passport or marriage certificate from any other part other than the State. Accordingly, the State has an obligation to simplify significantly the relationship of citizens with the public sector through prompt and effective steps.

How the idea of the Public Service Hall originated... Prior to the formation of the Public Service Hall, the ordinary citizen has an idea of the state structures and their functioning as of huge bureaucratic apparatus whose functioning was dependent on the actions of different agencies, and their coordinated work were too complicated. Citizens wishing to obtain an identity card, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, to register a property or business, had to go to different agencies to obtain appropriate services.